10 Largest Cash Seizures That Will Make You Feel Poor


Did you know that during regular government raids on people, they seize millions and millions of dollars in cash assets, property, cars, drugs, and other items people who have committed crimes are harboring. It’s really quite amazing when you think of how much money it adds up to, and where does it go? You always hear stories of dirty cops or FBI agents that pocket a little bit of the money for themselves. Ok, I made that up. Who knows if it’s true or not, but every day around the world cash seizures are happening. They mostly are the result of drug deals, and life long drug criminals that are part of various groups or cartels. It’s a very serious issue all over the world as you will see from the list below. Here are the 10 Largest Cash Seizures That Will Make You Feel Poor.


canada-cash-seizure-2.6mSource: cbc.ca

10. Drug Raid In Canada–2.6 million–In 2012 the police force in Canada, which is called the “Royal Canadian Mounties” managed to acquire more than 2.6 million dollars in US money at a raid in Canada. This was the largest raid to ever take place in our neighbors to the north. I guess they were able to retrieve a suitcase full of money near Vancouver Island in one of the waterways. They also made an arrest later on that day in a man connected to the drug crime. They think he was the one who must have thrown the suitcase over the bow of a boat he was riding on. Can you imagine throwing 2 million dollars into the water? That must have been hard for him. Hopefully he does do some hard time for his crimes.


Dirty-Money-RaidSource: sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

9. Dirty Money Raid–5.7 million– This raid took place in a raid in Australia, and is the largest ever to take place in the “land down under.” The Australian Crime Commission worked very hard with several international crime agencies to bring down this particular group of criminals who mainly got there money through drug deals, and laundering. In total the Australian police have seized more than $500 million dollars relating to this particular group of drug lords.


Edmonton-Drug-Bust--over-800,000Source: globalnews.ca

8. Edmonton Drug Bust–over 800,000–This doesn’t seem like as much money compared to some of these other seizures, but in the town of Edmonton it was by far the largest raid they ever were involved in. It involved the arrests of 12 people, during 6 separate raids. So it obviously took a little bit of time, and care to conduct these busts to bring this criminals down for good. Plus the police have stated that some of the money collected would be used to help the victims of this group of nefarious criminals.


Atlanta-Cash-RaidSource: cbs46.com

7. Atlanta Cash Raid–7 million– This happened in our fair state of Georgia, when Atlanta police were able to nab the three men who were part of this drug scheme. Not only did the police seize a ton of cash, around 7 million, they were also able to obtain a significant amount of actual drug product. The DEA estimated that they were able to confiscate around 80 pounds of heroin, which is valued at 6 million dollars. That’s a lot of heroin! Thank goodness the cops were able to get some of that dangerous drug off the city streets.


baldwin-cash-seizureSource: gulfcoastnewstoday.com

6. Baldwin, Alabama Cash Seizure–1.5 million– This was the largest seizure in the town’s history. It was also the largest ever in the state, and actually happened purely by chance. A state trooper pulled over a semi-truck, and the driver gave the officer permission to search his truck. Maybe he thought, the officer wouldn’t really look, but when he did he found bags and bags of the cash. The truck driver obviously missed the rest of his deliveries that day.


California-Drug-Bust-Worth-MillionsSource: ContraCostaTimes.com

5. California Drug Bust Worth Millions–18 million– The Contra Costa drug task force had their work cut out for them when they busted a group of drug lords who had more than 18 million dollars of cash to take. This happened only back in January of 2014, and was one of the largest cash takes in the state’s history. They also napped pounds and pounds of methamphetamines (500 pounds), cocaine, and other illegal drugs. Working on this case for over two years paid off for this all important task force.


Australian-Crime-Commission-Big-BustSource: abc.net.au

4. Australian Crime Commission Big Bust–500 million– In 2014 the Australian Crime Commission scored a big victory over the bad guys with this 500 million dollar raid. The task force laid the smack down on gangs, terrorist, and drug cartels that had been laundering money for a long time. The raids took place in Sydney and in Victoria where one of their biggest drug labs was located.


drug_money_colombiaSource: colombiareports.co

3. Columbia Cash Seizure–50 million– The American DEA routinely works with the Colombian police to raid known drug lords, and terrorists. This was a big raid that the US helped with. Part of the money, around 13 million was even found in one of the criminals homes in a china cabinet. It’s nice to know that the DEA is working with other countries to stop the influx of drugs coming in.


More-Cash-and-Drugs-In-AustraliaSource: straitstimes.com

2. More Cash and Drugs In Australia–309 million– Boy oh boy, I didn’t know Australia had such a drug problem. This large sum of money was taken in 2009, and involved an insane amount of the drug Ecstasy. Over 15 million pills were obtained which has a value of 300 million dollars. That’s a lot of the known party drug that was shipped by the criminals in italian tomato sauce cans.


Mexican-Meth-Raid--205-millionSource: celebritynetworth.com

1. Mexican Meth Raid–205 million– In 2007 US working with the Mexican authorities seized over 205 million dollars in money and drugs in one of Mexico City’s upscale neighborhoods. This was part of a drug trade going that serviced the US, Asia, and other parts of the world. Two of the people involved were Chinese citizens. It just goes to show you that the drug problems truly are global in scale.

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