11 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Geniuses

What actually makes up a genius? Technically it’s an IQ of over 135. Once you get up into the 160’s you are of the rare breed that is in the 1 percent of IQ’s of the total population in America. When you get to be at that level you can join the IQ organization Mensa. Many super smart celebrities are a member of this organization which is said to have an estimated 120,000 members worldwide. That’s a small fraction of the total world population. Here are 11 celebs you might not have known qualified as geniuses.

11. Matt Damon:


Source: Picpicx.com

This famous actor burst onto the scene with a starring role and a writing credit for “Good Will Hunting”, along with his famous friend Ben Affleck. They eventually won an Academy Award for “Best Original Screenplay” in which Matt plays a mathematical genius in the film. Who would have thought that those brains would have translated into real life? His latest film, “The Martian” did very well at the box office where he played a super smart botanist who manages to survive alone on Mars for many years. Not only is he a genius in real life, but he loves to play smart roles on screen. Off screen he plays husband and father to four adorable daughters.

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